Youth Resources for Pregnancy Prevention
Bedsider is a resource that provides information and answers broad range of questions about different types of contraceptives and safe sex for youth ages 19 to 22. It offers side by side comparisons for the different types of contraceptives available to both young men and women as well as narratives about young people’s experiences with different methods of birth control. It provides tools to help youth start conversations safe sex with their partners and other people in their lives. Some quick tools include a Visual Guide to Birth Control.

Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment (PACT)
Family PACT provides comprehensive family planning services to eligible low income (under 200% federal poverty level) men and women. For an individual in 2014, under 200% federal poverty level is $31,460 annually).  It is administered by the California Department of Health Care Services. To find a Family PACT provider near you, follow this LINK.

Information & Education Program
This program of the California Department of Public health provides funding for educational programs that emphasize primary prevention to enhance knowledge, attitudes and skills of adolescents and young men and women of childbearing age to make responsible decisions relevant to sexual and reproductive behavior. The program focuses on life skills and is implemented by 24 agencies throughout the state. To find the agency serving your region, follow this LINK.
IWannaKnow is an online resource specifically for both teens and young adults with a special page for parents and educators that relays sexual health information relating to sexually transmitted infections and healthy relationships. The website is a resource developed by the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA), a public health advocacy non-profit with a focus on providing information on sexually transmitted infections. It offers information that is LGBTQ-inclusive and also touches on topics such as pregnancy and parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is a national provider of reproductive health care. In additional to clinics located throughout California, Planned Parenthood provides teen-specific information on their website on a range of topics, including birth control, sex and relationships.
Sex Etc. is a resource developed by Answer, a national organization that aims to provide quality sexual education for teens. The site involves many resources developed by teens for teens such as narratives and articles written by teen contributors around the nation on sexual health, sexuality and healthy relationships. It offers medically accurate and very age-appropriate information on sexually transmitted infections. One of the many spotlighted resources includes a glossary of 400 terms relating to sexuality and sexual health. It also includes discussion forum moderated by professionals from Answer for youth to discuss tough topics and common questions with each other.
StayTeen is an online resource developed by the National Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Teen Pregnancy to foster healthy sexual development for youth ages 12-18. The website includes age-appropriate FAQs, videos, games and tools on topics that include healthy relationships, teen pregnancy, broaching the topic of safe sex with a partner and birth control.

Quick Tools from the National Campaign: